Songwriting IS Writing!  The Write to Record for Literacy Project

with Jennifer Daniels and Jeff Neal

Jennifer and Jeff, performing songwriters and recording artists out of Lookout Mountain, Georgia,

give interactive concerts and workshops, designed to get kids excited about reading and creative self expression.  In Songwriting IS Writing! Jennifer and Jeff guide kids through the writing process, from creation to fully produced song, in one week’s time.


Musical phrasing can make exercises in writing easier and more compelling for kids.  These classes are playful and full of movement.  Every child gets to create, explore instruments, and record sounds.  







What do kids get out of it?

  • A working tour of literary devices and knowledge of what makes writing stronger

  • Knowledge of the anatomy of a song, poem, and novel

  • Confidence to think up and suggest creative ideas for writing and production

  • The connection between musical phrasing and written language

  • Musical lessons in rhythm and pitch

  • Experience and instruction in vocal and instrumental performance

  • Experience in recording with quality microphones, headphones, and software

  • A look at the record industry from writing to fully produced album

  • Their own song in mp3 form


When does this happen?

Monday - Friday, during the school day, 40 - 45 minute classes each for K - 5th grade, 6th - 8th, and 9th - 12th.  This is dependent upon the size of the school, as classes work best with less than 50 students.  


Jennifer at

Don't Look DownFairyland School - 3rd Grade