"Your keynote in Springfield, MO inspired me to bring a bit of your liveliness back to our preschool programs in

LaGrange, IL.  Thanks for lighting my fire again!"

Deb TyrrellProgram Administrator

Jennifer Daniels - The Learning Groove

Workshops & Keynotes

Jennifer offers lively, humorous, interactive workshops for educators seeking to build stories, songs, and movement into their curriculum.  With a masters in counseling, and certification in Autism Movement Therapy, Jennifer teaches participants how to facilitate intentional play that draws kids into learning.


Jennifer works closely with Eric Litwin, the author of the bestselling

Pete the Cat picture books, and she also helps The Learning Groove music and movement curriculum, by walking teachers through the training process.  Jenn teaches TLG parent/child classes in her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she lives with her husband/lead guitarist, Jeff Neal, their seven year old twins, and beloved road hound, Bob Marley.   

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"Jennifer's presentations at our two state training conferences were just what we needed! Her ability to communicate meaningful and relevant information through music is an exceptional gift.  She kept us singing, laughing, moving, and crying as she shared her heart for children." 

Mary Ann Bradberry, Executive Director 

Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association

"What I liked best was the exchange of ideas, energy and fun. I was engaged and energized, and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation."

SummerAttendee at AEYC in Junea, AL

Jennifer Daniels - Keynote

-A few excerpts from Jennifer Daniels' comment cards:


"ENERGY - Jennifer keeps it up and makes the information fun to learn and easy to remember"

"I liked everything about this presentation. Seriously. Jennifer's passion really inspired me. I loved every bit of it."

"Jennifer's energy, enthusiasm, and 'realness' is infectious and inspiring!"

"One thing I can apply is the freedom to cut loose and explore with song and dance and literature."

"Jennifer is the best keynote and presenter I have ever seen."

"Bring her back!"


Thank you, 

Joy Lyon,  AEYC 

Choose from these descriptions, which can be formatted as keynotes or workshops


Audience Size: Any size, just know that we're going to be moving!

Target Audience: Preschool - Elementary Teachers, Librarians, Parents

Time of Presentation: Flexible time, from 45 minutes to 2 hours each


An overview of the use of stories, songs and organized movement in early childhood


In an interactive concert setting, we will playfully practice traditional techniques in stories and songs, that draw children to interact with the material.  We'll become familiar with the many benefits of regular music and movement, and explore how these can be used to teach across the curriculum, to promote literacy, and to help in classroom management.  Participants will leave with access to real stories, songs and strategies that they can use right away.  Note: You need no musical expertise, but wear clothes you can move in. 



Interactive Stories, Songs, and Organized Movement: Emphasis on Kids with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder


In this interactive concert setting, we'll discover how stories, songs and structured movement can help to calm the central nervous system, build real brain connections, develop physical strength and balance, and teach social skills.  -Things kids with Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorders need most.  We'll find out how to give children a sense of control over the material, so that they can participate with confidence and courage.  And we'll look at why interactive stories and songs, like Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, have been a huge help.  Note: You need no musical expertise, but wear clothes you can move in.  



Interactive Math and Music  

Music is math (matching, sorting, patterning, counting, measuring, shaping...), and we can use it, both directly and indirectly, to incorporate math into our lessons.  


How will we do this?  In a playful, interactive concert, full of songs, stories, and organized movement.  Participants will visualize, experience, and  practice mathematical concepts.  We'll explore how this ties in to scientific thinking and to the development of (pre)literacy skills.  And we'll find out how to make all of these engaging for children, and for their parents as partners in learning.



Jennifer Daniels, Music and Movement at the Library


Loaded with interactive songs, stories, and organized movement, Jennifer will invite participants to play around on the bridge between noise and literacy.  We’ll explore how to use written, musical, and physical language to get kids (and their parents) excited about reading, creative self expression, and the arts.


We’ll learn traditional techniques that draw kids to interact with the material, and we’ll work on activities that bring forth the many benefits of music and movement (language acquisition, pre literacy skills, motor coordination, cultural awareness, math and science reasoning, and more).  


Many of the songs that we use will be from The Learning Groove Music and Movement Curriculum, and participants can access them for free at www.TheLearningGroove.com.  Jennifer will sort songs into categories based on the activities and benefits of each song so that participants can apply their new skills to other songs and stories.


What will the day look like?

Some crazy cool librarians moving, singing, clapping and laughing.  You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


Do I need musical prowess?

No.  You only need willingness to engage with silliness.  Jenn feels like a dork when she has to be goofy on stage all by herself.